Saturday, July 7, 2012


So, I'm nearing the end of my second week of school and that means that my very first homework assignment is just about due! Our assignment was to do some life drawings (you want to me to leave the house? Whaaaaat?) and then pick our favorite of the poses we drew. Then, we were supposed to pose our character rig according that pose, making sure the image is as readable and appealing as possible. Anywho, here is a handful of the drawings I did:

As you can see, I went to the driving range at one point, but my favorite ended being the sprinting pose, number 7 (this may or may not have something to do with the Olympic Trials going on right now and the fact that my patriotism rages out of control during the Olympics). So after many iterations, tweaks, and long discussions with myself about whether to keep the hands as fists or have them be straight or how tilted down his head should be, here is what came out:

I am actually quite happy with how this came out considering I attempted posing the rig with a few other sketches before finally settling on this one. It's not officially due until noon tomorrow so I may tweak it a bit more before then, but all in all I am happy with it!

And next week we get to start animating for realsies! Back to the bouncing ball, where it all begins.

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