Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Here I am halfway through Week 3 and I need your help, dear readers! Part of my homework this week is to draw some poses that convey "excitement" and then choose my favorite one to pose Stu, our AM rig, with (and keep in mind he doesn't have a face so this is strictly a posing/body language exercise). Here are the sketches I did:

I did a few obviously excited poses and with others I tried to do more subdued types of excitement, always try to keep in mind why people get excited. Is it a reaction to something they've been told? Are they excited about some upcoming event? Are they good at containing their excitement? Not sure how many different kinds of excitement came through but I did have fun doing the drawings.

After some feedback from my classmates, I picked four of the poses and translated them to Stu, trying (hopefully not in vain) to capture the essence of the drawings in his pose. The tough thing is that Stu has a gigantic head and a really long body, which I didn't really pay attention to in my drawings. That made it tough to pose his arms in the air without his arms going inside his head, and his feet are proportionally much larger than I drew them, so I missed out on some of the nicer silhouetting I drew with the feet/legs. But, I am happy with how they came out and would love to hear from you as to which one you think best conveys excitement.

Of course, if you like one of the drawings better than these four, please let me know in the comments! I've got until Sunday so I can definitely put in a few more poses before I settle on a final one. And tomorrow, it's on to the bouncing ball!


  1. I'm all for #3. And P.S. Your blog is rocking it.

  2. #1 and #3! Indecisive as per usual.

  3. Okay. #1. Although I do really like #16, but I think such a pose would need a facial expression. So #1. Also, I totally can see you doing #11, while saying something like "SCHWING?MWEEP/GAAHHHHHGL."

  4. Thanks you two! I really didn't think 3 would get so much love. It was one of my throwaway drawings! Ha. And Becca, that's exactly what I was going for with 11. You know me so well.

  5. I like #2. It looks like he's in the middle of his "excitement dance".
    coolest hw ever