Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Wolf Among Us (Has Fabulous Hair)

Well guys, I shipped my first game last week. The Wolf Among Us is now out in the world! People are playing it! Reviewers are praising it! Now everyone knows what I've been talking about with Bigby's fantastic 'do!

I'm so honored and proud to be a part of The Wolf Among Us team and am thrilled that folks are enjoying it. If you're curious as to what all the hubbub is about, you can check out reviews on IGNCBRThe TelegraphGame Informer, and PC Gamer among many others. So go! Enjoy the game!

In other news, The Treehouse has another new episode up! We talked to my lovely college roommate Noopur (who's awesome blog you can read here) and discussed a number of things, including her budding career in speech pathology, her time as a pageant queen, and what TV she's watching these days. It's a good one!

I hope you enjoy these various things I helped make, internet. Yay making things!