Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Week 11! Last Assignment!

Hello! So it's that time again, Week 11. Our very last assignment has been turned in and Class Two is drawing to a close! Already about one third done with AM?! Whaaaa? 

Well I polished and polished and finally finished up my shot! Take a looksee:

Poor Stewie's never gonna be king. After hitting a few roadblocks with this shot, I'm quite happy with how it came through in the end. Marlon was as well, noting that I could just add a little bit of 'keep alive' with the holds to touch it up. In his end-of-term assessment he gave me great feedback, so I am a very happy camper with Class Two as a whole. Can't believe it's nearly done! All that's left is to put together my progress reel, which I'll have up in the next couple days so keep your eyes peeled, readers! See you soon.

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