Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week 10! We're closing in!

Oh hey so I only have two weeks of school left WHAT?! I know I keep asking this but WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Really. It's freaking me out. It's Decemeber! How?!

Admist all this freaking out, I did finally take my shot out of stepped, which was scary. But I think that I finally got out of that middle "I've forgotten how to do everything" phase now, and the shot is ripe to be fully polished next week. So I'm thankfully back on schedule! See for yourself:

Marlon asked me to change the ending so that Stewie stays in frame, and to do whatever I could to make the gag as funny as possible. After some invaluable feedback from Marlon and my peers, I decided on this ending, where he lands on his bum, because landing on your bum is always funny, duh. I'm pretty happy with it at this point, especially after kind of losing my way on this shot last week. I still have quite a bit of polish to do next week so come back soon to see what I do with it! Cheers!

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