Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Class 3: Complete. Halfway, ya'll.

YOU GUYS. I've finished Class 3. Do you know what that means? It's means I am halfway done with AM, which is BANANAS. These three quarters FLEW by. Feels like a week ago I was animating a bouncing ball for Class 1. Insanity! As you know, when each class ends we put together a progress reel of our work done at AM so far. Here is my reel from Class 3:

To be honest, I still don't love my swinging shot. But Mike was happy with my final shots for our sequence, and I had a fantastic time overall this term. Mike was an awesome mentor, wonderfully knowledgable and always  helpful. Not to mention he was always willing to go over our allotted Q&A time to do demos and answer questions, which was awesome of him! With two young kids at home, that is no small feat. So thanks to Mike and my classmates for making it an amazing term, can't wait to get going with Class 4! See you in a few days, readers! 

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