Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 7: Final Blocking!

Okay, so I lost all the points I built up last week for being on time with my post. I am late this week, I know I know! Slacker. Heh.

Since we're late, we'd better get right to it! This week we're in final blocking for my three shots. Everything's still in stepped, but I cleaned things up and tried to get as specific as I could with my poses. I've got a pose on at least every fourth frame, which is a blocking technique I picked up from Marlon last term and has worked well for me so far. Take a look!

That third shot has been giving me trouble. Getting it to what you see there was tough. NEWS FLASH: Swinging is hard to animate. Overall Mike was happy with it, with just a few minor notes on the hand shot and some body language notes on the the third one (MOAR TENSION!) Other than that, I'm free to spline ahead and get into Blocking Plus next week. So if my brain hasn't leaked out of my ears by then because all the goodness that you see in stepped mode has disappeared, I'll see you then, readers.

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