Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Most Exhausting Week Yet

Lovelies! Hello, hello. So glad to have you here with us during Week 10. It is a doozy, so buckle up. I'll ease you in with a revision of my vanilla walk from last week:

My only note for this was to fix his slight lurch as he moves forward across the screen and delay his up and down translation just a touch. Other than that my mentor was pleased! Okay on to the good stuff now.

This week we got our very first shot at a character walk, which was both exciting and overwhelming. For the first time this term, we were pretty much given free reign. Our only stipulation was to do a walk with some kind of personality. My first thought was, "that leaves me infinite options HOW AM I GONNA CHOOSE?!" Then I thought about our pose assignment this week, which was to communicate "exhaustion" (more on this later). So, I thought doing an exhausted/lazy walk might be fun. After filming myself slumping around my backyard for reference, here is what I came up with for my blocking pass:

Ballie, such a lazy bum. Now onto the drawings! Like I said, this week's pose is "exhaustion." Here are some sketches of poor tired Stu. I took a nap in the middle of doing these, you know, for research. 

Here are some of my favorites done with our pal, Stu. His head is still enormous and unwieldy, if you were wondering. 

Okay, readers, vote away! Which Stu looks the most exhausted? Please let me know and I'll be back next week with a finished personality walk and another round of drawings!


  1. 'A' feels too energetic
    'B' maybe more relaxed than exhausted
    'C' and 'D' are possibilities.

  2. I feel like Stu would be so exhausted that he either wouldn't be able to support himself (so like in D, he'd have his hands on his knees, and maybe not even walking so you don't feel like he still has energy to move) or have lost the strength to even plant his feet (so in C, instead of having his feet planted, they'd be splayed, and not even in a relaxing comfortable position - more like i'm so dead tired, my limbs/body/legs won't move anymore.

  3. I like D! I would also like you to post the video of you slumping around your backyard.

  4. Haha! Already deleted it off my phone Hill, sorry.